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Biocera Alkaline Water Purifier

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[Biocera Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information
FDA Registration
KFDA Certificate to the Safety
Model No.
Biocera BCW-4000 (hot/cold)
Product Size
350 (W) X 390 (D) X 550 (H)
21 Kg
4-Stage filter system
1. Sediment
2. Pre-Carbon
3. Biocera Alkaline Ceramic
4. Post-Carbon

Life time

1st filter
2nd filter
3rd filter
4th filter
3 - 4
5 - 6
10 - 12
10 - 12


  • Change any polluted water to clean water like Crystal.
  • Help to maintain our health by supplying minerals such as Ca, K, Na, Mg and etc.
  • Soften the taste of water and make fast absorption into our body by changing to smaller water molecule cluster. (51.497 Hz)
  • Make Alkaline water to help in increasing the immunity of our body by removing free radical(=active oxygen) to cause aging and various diseases like as Vitamin C.
    pH : 7.5 ~ 9.5
    ORP : -50 ~ -400
  • Use in the kitchen of house or Office.
  • Economic Filter exchange.

Complete purifying & Alkaline 4-Filter System

- 1st step
Removal of Dust, Rust, Sand, Sediment matters in water

- 2nd step
Removal of bad smell, Chlorine and Organic substances in water

- 3rd step
Make Alkaline ion water and smaller water cluster Super minerals. Also, supply useful minerals for our health body.

- 4th step
Removal of bad odor and taste, chlorine matters in water.